Get rid of continuous generating warehouse reports! Get access to your stock in real time online.

We have a warehouse class A WMS that streamline all the warehousing processes. Thanks to that every day we can handle a massive amount of goods, coming from many senders and directed to many recipients. A client whose goods are stored has online access in real time, where he can see the exact location of the goods and has full control over the course of warehouse processes. Our warehouse is equipped with WIFI that allows us to work online in the client’s system.

Our warehouse works on high-bay system and own forklifts.

We use forklifts to move goods, thanks to which we support pallets in a short time.

Warehouses are equipped with:

  • Loading docks
  • Pallet racks in a narrow corridor system
  • High stackers
  • Electric and manual pallet trucks
  • Automatic foil wrapping
  • Automatic binding machines for binding polypropylene tape
  • WIFI

We offer:

  • Warehouse management outsourcing
  • Rental of warehouse space for days on pallets
  • Keeping warehouse documentation
  • Inventory of goods
  • Issuing goods in domestic trade and for export
  • Preparation of documents: PZ, WZ, CMR
  • Constant cooperation

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