We serve you with our 28 years of experience not only in the scope of making sets, but above all, as advisor who find solutions tailored to your needs and budget.

Shipment of completed sets not always takes place right after finishing of work. We are here to meet your expectations, offering our safe and modern managed warehouse space.

In our wide range we can offer:

  • banding products with:
    • tapes
    • ruber
    • string
  • sticking stickers
  • sticking labels
  • sticking bar codes
  • sticking holograms, etc.

  • insertion at any given place
  • precise insertion of inserts, leaflets, brochures on a specific page
  • pasting samples, sachets, gadgets, leaflets using adhesives, adhesive pellets, self-adhesive tapes, etc.
  • sticking on the cardboard gadgets and wrapped notebooks

  • recovery of gadgets, additions
  • checking quality in accordance with the customer’s instructions, e.g. checking DVD given in packaging if it has right content
  • preparing re-releases with re-foiling
  • and other services in accordance with the client’s instructions

We specialize in confectioning cosmetics and chemistry

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